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Anonymous asked: My girlfriend said something I don't think I can forgive her for but we live together and I love her so I don't want her to leave yet I don't want her to stay she cries and apologizes for it but everytime I think about it I get mad. what should I do?



Great question anon! I know it can be hard and complicated when you love someone and live with them but if you can take a step back for a second and look at what exactly it is she said you will be able to make the right decision for you.

If what she said was maybe coming from a place of ignorance (just not knowing any better) maybe you can fix things with a conversation or, a bunch of conversations, where you can help her learn and grow. 

If what she said came from a place of values and you think it will impact you and your relationship long term then maybe this is the best time to start thinking about if you two can even make it work. Never try to change someone’s values - only they know what is right for them just like only you can know what is right for you.

I hope you can find a solution that works for you.



Have you ever seen a man die right in front of your eyes?


Don’t give up yet. You’re almost there.


be an atheist, be a christian, be buddhist, be straight, be gay, be cisgender, be transgender, be non-binary, be carnivore, be vegan, be whatever the hell you want to be but don’t be an asshole is this so hard to understand

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When I was like 8 my mom took sims away bc I made girls kiss lmao nice try mom I’m still gay

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