Cats Go Moo

oнαι, ιт'ѕ cαrleιɢн oɴ мy ѕecoɴd вloɢ, ɢo тo dυcĸyмoмo-ιѕ-мy-ғrιeɴd.тυмвlr.coм ιғ yoυ wαɴɴα ғollow мy ғιrѕт oɴe. rαɴdoм ғαcт αвoυт cαrleιɢн тιмe, ι нαve ɢreeɴ eyeѕ вυт тнey тυrɴ вlυe wнeɴ ι'м мαd

Everytime we audition for the same thing, Jonathan Groff gets it. So I figured since he’s not here this year, I thought, “okay what can I do to get back at Jon?”


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This Is Awesome: Newsies teach Seize the Day Choreo

I loved this spiffy looking video of some of our favorite newsboys teaching “Seize the Day” to Cameron Boyce from Disney Channel’s Jessie. It’s a cute, up close look at some of the show’s best known staging. The 12-year-old me would have watched this on repeat for hours! (true story). Nice work, Evan, Michael, Julian, Iain, Jess and Tommy!

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newsies becomes so much more sad when you actually stop to realize that jack at one point had a family and they all died or left him on his own at an unspecified (probably) young age, and he was immediately thrust into the “leader,” position at the newsies house and had to be a father to boys the…

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